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November 29, 2013


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"Get her!" A voice shouted.

    The sound of barking and snarling filled the cold winter air as dogs were closing in on you.

    I must keep running, You thought, If I keep running, I'll eventually tire them out.

    The sound of gunfire rang out in the forest. Before, you could react, a searing pain shot up your leg. You were hit. You stumbled on the snow-covered ground, blood leaking from the back of your leg. You meowed in pain and collapsed onto the snow, still conscious.

    "She's down!" The voice called out again.

    You knew that you had to get away. You knew you had to hide. You looked around, the falling snow blinding your vision. A large Maple tree with few leaves clinging to it's brittle branches and large hole at the bottom caught your (e/c) eyes.

    As you frantically crawled to the hole, the barking was drawing near you. Quickly, you squeezed yourself into the small hollow that was inside the tree and sat in an upright fetal position, wrapping your (fur texture), (fur color) tail around the bottom of your legs.

    So the dogs couldn't sniff you out, you piled snow onto your bullet-wound. You mewed from the exasperating pain that shot up your spine.

    The barking and shouting drew closer.

    "Where'd she go?" A man asked.

    "I think she went this way!" Another called, pointing to the direct opposite of the tree. With that, the men and dogs traveled further South to search for you and kill you. You were left alone to die in the freezing cold tundra.

    Once the men and their dogs were gone, you removed the snow from your wound and meowed in sheer pain as you accidentally brushed your dirty hands against the tender, bloodied flesh. You stuck your spiked tongue out and began to like the wound, wincing every time you touched a broken blood vessel. The wound didn't stop bleeding. You hated the taste of the warm liquid in your mouth. You ended up giving up on trying to clean the wound and leaned back against the hollow walls of the Maple tree. Tears fell from your (e/c) eyes as you thought of your family and what you did to deserve this horrible life.

    You were living in an attic with your two brothers, Blake and Zach, and a sister named Annabelle. You and your two brothers were both age 6 and Annabelle was just a newborn when you were abandoned by your parents and lived in that attic ever since. A few months after you and your brothers turned 16 and Annabelle turned 10, that was when your life turned from bad to Hell. The world despised Nekos. The world despised them because they were different from the rest. You are a Neko. Your siblings were Nekos. Half feline. Half human. You have a tail and feline ears. You have advanced hearing, vision and sense of smell. Seeing that most people believe everything they see on the internet and TV, they believe that all Nekos are breed to kill. That all Nekos are, are killers. Those are lies. You were friendly, loving and frightened. Once the people that lived in the apartment found out that there were Nekos living in their attic, they contacted Animal and Pest control. They burned the whole building down with Annabelle trapped inside. You screamed and cried as you heard her cry in pain as she burned down in flames along with your home. They strapped Blake down and put the gun to his head. Before you or Zach could make a move, strong hands gripped both of your necks as you and Zach were forced to watch Blake be put to death. As you screamed and begged for them to not hurt your brother, it was too late. They pulled the trigger, sending the bullet into his skull, letting Blake go limp onto the cement. Furious, Zach craned his head and bit into the Animal control guy's arm, making the hand on your neck let go. You fell on the ground and looked up at your remaining brother as he fought with other men and gain revenge for his brother and sister. "Run, (name)! Run! And don't look back!" Zach had shouted. Your instincts were also telling you to run. And with that, you fled the bloodied scene. You were chased over the U.S border into Canada, where you where still chased to where you are now. What happened to Zach remains unknown. And here you are, starving, freezing, cramped up in a tree, fighting Hypothermia and death, wondering if someone actually cared about Nekos and would rescue you.

    You peeked out of the tree and looked up at the darkening sky. You prayed that Zach was alive and well and that you'd see him again in the future. You lied down with your body cramped inside the tree and part of your (fur color) tail sticking out from the hole.

    You gave up as a few hours passed and the snow beneath you turned red with blood. Your wound still bled along with a few extra burns on your body. You thought, This is it. I'm going to die here. As the world seemed to fade into blackness, you faintly heard a voice. You thought that it was just the wind or your dead siblings calling your name to follow them. You closed your eyes as gentle hands removed you from the cramped hollow and a soft yet worried voice murmured to you.

    "I'll take care of you."
This is my first deviantation ever so I'm sorry if it's bad. It took me 9 hours just to verify my account xD I do not own Hetalia or anyone in this series. And I'm sorry that there is no picture at the top. If I figure it out by the time I make part 2, there might be a picture up. I'm sorry ;-;
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